Our Story

Artificial intelligence gives companies the competitive advantage they seek, to offer the right product to the right customer at the right time.

Until now, Artificial intelligence was only accessible by larger enterprises with a massive client base. So large businesses that use AI tools get larger whilst small companies that simply don’t have enough clients to learn from get smaller.

ArtuData is changing this equation by empowering companies to regain their competitive advantage.

We partner with big believers, even if they are still small.


How much do you actually invest in order to attract and convert a single profitable customer?


100% of your profit is generated by 2% of your leads, your BIG FISH.

Finding BIG FISH is our job.

We know you are busy, so our tools were designed for simple integration.

Start with the tool you need most and evolve from there!


Focus on marketing channels with strong ROI by predicting the value of each channel. Reduce your CPA, increase your user’s engagement and CTR.


+95% of your traffic bounces while most users will interact with your brand 7 times before purchasing. Focus on re-targeting the relevant users by predicting click quality. Reduce CPA and increase lead generation.


Less than 10% of the leads will convert. Prioritize the high-quality leads by predicting the probability of each lead to convert. Generate more clients, boost client value and conversion rates.


Retain your clients at the right time with the right offer to insure they remain loyal and active, by predicting their life time value, optimize monetization opportunities, and offer best cross-sell.



3,000 global retail brokerages offer: Shares, ISA, IRA, SIPP, Options, CFDs and Futures. They use Artudata to optimize acquisition and increase their revenue.


Payments is a fast growing vertical. They use Artudata to quickly detect fraud and improve their B2C and B2B action performance.


It’s all about increasing basket value! Companies use Artudata for “next best product” analysis to increase purchasing and revenue.


P2P companies use ArtuData to boost their acquisition and generate high risk alerts.


AI is disrupting this industry. These companies use Artudata to find qualified borrowers and lenders.


Governments are using Artudata for tailor made solutions such as: flagging tax avoidance, identifying budget misuse, and predicting future spending.

Our Partners

We are proud to be members of the Startup Programs of both Google UK and Amazon UK. Both companies are supporting our growth and success, not only by dedicating their funds, but also through collaboration with their world leading Artificial-Intelligence engineers.


Our Clients

As company who deals with data, we keep our client’s confidentially, and we will keep yours too.

We are proud to share some interesting statistics about our client’s success:

4.2 million

analysed prospects

270 000

predicted paying customers

$ 342 million

revenues generated by our clients

Here are some of the transactions our clients have generated recently:


Let’s find your big fish together!

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